Rose Petals & Ribbons

Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok

In a city with a plethora of beautiful hotels to chose from, it is hard to know where to stay (and I do like to try new places) but for a flawless experience I like to return to the Metropolitan Hotel, Bangkok (where they always seem to remember me, even if it's been a year). It instantly fills me with calm to walk across those polished dark floors of the light and serene lobby, filled with beautiful minimalist flower arrangements and the smell of COMO Shambala SPA products. No matter how manic the traffic was on the way here, how many hours I have been on a flight (or indeed how frizzy my hair might have gotten in its new environment) you get a feeling that it is all going to be alright.

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Dufweholm Manor, Sweden

The Swedish countryside in the summer time is one of the most beautiful things in the world, if you ask a swede like myself, and we aren't really known for bragging. With a sun that only really dips down below the horizon for a couple of hours at night (or further up north -doesn't set at all), unspoiled flowery meadows, sunlit woodlands and little lakes perfect for a swim at any time of day -and a nationwide obsession with strawberries and barbecues -the summer is any Swede's idea of paradise. Maybe it is the long, cold, dark and snowy winters, but we insist on spending the summer outdoors, come rain or shine (or, in fact, still quite cold temperatures in the nighttime in June, if we decided to camp a certain weekend we are doing it no matter what).

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Uma by COMO, Bali

You wake up just after sunrise, step out onto your patio and listen to the sounds of the jungle waking up. Gazing out over a misty river gorge, you may have to pinch yourself. If you need to make sure it's not a dream, just jump in your private pool looking out over the jungle and watch squirrels and birds going about their morning routines.

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