Rose Petals & Ribbons

Vanilla Cookies, with Love

Happy Valentines Day! Love is, as we all know, stupendously wonderful and should be spread generously all day every day, to everyone - and so should scrumptious cookies - but any extra celebration of it isn't exactly harmful, so let's go for it. Bake these little treats for your best friend, your crush, your mama, or just for yourself, and make someone feel a little bit extra special. This recipe for basic vanilla cookies is very useful and can be varied with all kinds of different flavours and colours, and the decorating possibilities are endless.

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Chocolate Swiss Roll with Buttercream

When the first frost came recently, I decided to make an Autumnal Swiss Roll; this is a classic Swedish-style one with some delicious buttercream and lots of sugar around it to match the frostiness outside. I decorated it with some leaves that I made out of sugar paste, but that is not at all necessary - just fun. It can be a little bit tricky to get the sponge for the roll just right, as it has such a short baking time, but I will suggest to err on the safe side and rather under-bake it slightly than burn it.

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Raspberry Lemonade with Chia

Darkness and grey days are arriving (greetings, November!) and I've decided to fight back with vitamin-packed drinks to enjoy between endless cups of tea. This lemonade is super-easy to make and such a great way to get a dose of some very healthy foods into your diet. Chia seeds are high in omega-3, protein and fibre; they help to keep your blood-sugar balanced and contain minerals like manganese, phosphorus, calcium and zinc.

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